Board of Trustees

Alice Scranney,

Chair and Parent Trustee

Alice Scranney

I completed my first three-year term on the School Board from May 2013- 2016 and was then successfully re-elected to the Board for a further three year term.  I have been Board Chair since July 2014.

I truly believe in community-based education. I consider myself to be a motivated and energetic individual with a good sense of humour. I am pragmatic and practically-minded and I can often problem solve quickly.

As Board of Trustees Chairperson, I aim to use my experience to work with other Board members and all school staff to help ensure that our ‘School for the community’ is the best that it can be.

With both my children now at Hira School, I am now relishing the idea of being more involved in their education.
Symon Beattie,


Symon Beattie

2016 was the beginning of my journey at Hira School.

As an educator, I am a passionate about empowering students with the knowledge and skills to become adaptable and resilient lifelong learners. I value the differentiated learning promoted in the Hira School Curriculum and the strong culture of collaboration that exists in the school.

My wife, Mel, and I live in Stoke and have two preschool aged daughters, Isla and Madelyn. We love to spend our weekends at the beach or out on the water.

Please feel free to pop into my office anytime for a chat.
Pam Stack,

Deputy Principal

Pam Stack

In late May 2016 I was re-elected to the Board of Trustees as Staff Trustee to represent teachers and staff for a further three years.

I have been teaching the children in the middle school (currently Years 2-4) and been Deputy Principal since my arrival at Hira School in 2002.

I love working in small rural schools. The sense of belonging and community presence that exists at Hira makes it a pleasure to be part of.

My roots are in the small seaside village of Hector on the West Coast. I gravitate back there whenever possible for relaxation and recharging.

Meanwhile in my home in Nelson, I enjoy anything musical, reading, keeping fit and spending time with whanau and friends.
Kirsa Rhone,

Parent Trustee

Kirsa Rhone

I am currently in my second, 3-year term, having first joined the Board in November 2011.

Our family first came to Hira School in 2007. Cooperation, courtesy, kindness, respect and common sense are part of the Hira School song, but more importantly, these values are part and parcel of the atmosphere cultivated by the children and adults here.

I have learned so much in my role as a Trustee and am looking forward to another term supporting the teachers and staff in their roles as they inspire, teach and play with the fortunate children of Hira School.
Correne Brewerton,

Board Secretary and Parent Trustee

Correne Brewerton

I took over the role of Board minute-taker in October 2013 and was subsequently ‘selected’ to fill a Parent Trustee vacancy from February 2015 until May 2016.  I was then successfully elected for a three-year term as a Parent Trustee.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school’s motivated and productive Board and to contribute my administration skills.

I’ve had an association with Hira for over 30 years, and it’s both exciting and rewarding to be involved with the growth and development of Hira School.
Tina Hanrahan,

Parent Trustee

Tina Hanrahan

Kia ora.  I was co-opted onto the Board from December 2015 to May 2016 to assist with school property projects and renovations.  I was delighted to then be successfully elected for a three year term in May 2016.

I have two children at Hira School and have lived in Nelson North for over 8 years.

Being part of Hira School is a fabulous opportunity.  Having attended a country primary school as a child with a strong presence in the local community, I value the beliefs, principles and wholesome education Hira School offers.

I am looking forward to being part of the Board, and contributing my experiences, skills and support where possible.
Shelley Fowler,

Parent Trustee

Shelley Fowler

It is a privilege to have been co-opted onto the school board as Treasurer from the start of 2017, and then transferring to a selected parent representative position in May. I believe my previous experience in management and administration will be beneficial to my role as Treasurer.

I am currently studying towards a Legal Executive Diploma. I enjoy running, playing touch rugby, soccer and tennis. We enjoy spending weekends camping, bush walking and hanging out at Cable Bay Beach.

We have one daughter at Hira school and a son starting late in 2017.  We love living in Nelson North and know Hira School is the perfect place for our children.  I am looking forward to my involvement and support of this fabulous school.