School Routines and Bus Info

Our Hira School Day

Time Activity
8.00 am First bus drop off and staff on-site
8.30 am School day begins
10.00 am Morning tea *
10.20 am Mid-morning session
11.20 am 10 minute 'brain break' *
12.30 pm Lunch time *
1.15 pm Afternoon session
2.30 pm School day ends
3.00 pm Final bus departs

(We are happy to discuss options for after 3.00 pm collection times.)

* Hira School children enjoy three breaks during the day, rather than one short and one long. We find children are more energised in their learning times, and their playtimes are more peaceful and more engaging.


Bus Timetable

Hira School has a full bus service to and from school Monday to Friday. Below is a guideline to give you an idea of times. Please contact us for further details.

Location  Pick Up Drop Off
The Glen beach 7.55 am 2.50 pm
Hillwood Drive (bottom Gentle Annie) 7.45 am 2.45 pm
Top of Teal Valley 8.20 am 3.20 pm
Top of Lud Valley (Macs Road) 8.10 am 3.10 pm
Delaware Bay (bottom Maori Pa Rd) 8.00 am 3.00 pm
Cable Bay (Pepin Island) 8.15 am 3.20 pm


After School Activities

Day Activity Time
Mondays Art classes 2.45-3.45 pm
Tuesdays Ukulele 2.30–3.00 pm
Thursdays  Guitar 2.30–3.00 pm

Additional activities are offered when available.

Other Weekly Events

  • Tuesday whole-school singing assembly
  • Discovery Time Friday mornings
  • Hot lunch Fridays (weekly choices on offer included in school newsletters)